Grateful Dead Happiness Diamond Painting

  • $39.95


  Finish and frame this beauty for an eye-catching decoration!

 This multi-shaped rhinestone diamond painting kit has everything you need 

  • Adhesive diamond painting canvas with a full pasting area
  • High-sparkle light-catching diamond drills
  • 30-45 drill colors for optimum detail
  • Drill placing pen with attachment
  • Pink wax for sticking the drill to pen
  • Tweezers for placing/fixing drills
  • Sorting tray to flip drills upright and pour drills back
  • High-quality resin diamond drills with 30% more to cover spills! 

Are you a beginner? Check out our tutorial on how to diamond paint!

*We have warehouse locations all over the world so please allow 10-20 days for your order to arrive. In the meantime, you should check out our diamond painting tips so you're ready to start as soon as your piece arrives!