20 Best Diamond Painting Tips

Here's 20 of our best diamond painting tips to help you make the most of this amazingly fun hobby!


  1.  Can't see the symbols on your canvas? An LED light pad will completely illuminate the grid on your canvas, reducing eye strain and increasing your ability to work faster! 
  2. Oops! Spill your diamonds? There's a few different ways to pick them back up--
    pantyhose vacuum cleaner

    * A handheld mini vacuum for clean surfaces
    * Attach a pair of pantyhose onto your regular vacuum hose (example here)
    * Use a sticky lint roller 
  3. Debris stuck on your canvas? Use a baby wipe to clean up pet hair and even paper. The adhesive will regain it's stickiness once dried
  4. Storage for diamond painting drills doesn't just keep them safe from spills, it helps you stay organized which will speed up your work flow
  5. Drills have static cling and sticking together? Cut up little 1x1" squares of dryer sheets and place them in the drill storage container 
  6. Bigger is better when it comes to humans in custom diamond art! The fine facial details and skin tones don't convert very well in smaller paintings so it's best to get a custom done in at least 40cm. Also, make sure to crop out any excess around the focal point! We can help with that, just drop us a line
    custom diamond painting
  7. Keep your edges straight by aligning a ruler (let it stick to the excess adhesive on the side). If you're doing a corner, use two rulers and have them meet at the corner
  8. Prevent fatigue and hand pain by putting a pencil grip on your diamond painting pen
  9. Cover the sticky borders with washi tape so it doesn't stick to your arm or collect debris while working 
  10. Reduce neck strain by bringing your diamond art up to face level. This can be achieved with an adjustable drafting table. Get one that fits under your couch so you can totally relax OR an adjustable lap table works just as well
  11. Drills strongly stuck together? This happens sometimes. For large amounts, we recommend using a pill crusher. For smaller amounts, try sticking them between two drill trays and pressing down until you hear them "pop" apart
  12. Increase your working speed by marking your drill storage containers with the corresponding symbol, instead of the number.  When people mark their drills by number, they have to refer to the guide to find the corresponding symbol and then the number. Remove this extra step by using a sticker maker, such as the inexpensive Xyron. Simply cut out the symbols from the paper inventory sheet, make them into a sticker, and place on your drill storage container. 
  13. Prevent slippery surfaces by utilizing a rubber drawer liner to keep your lightpad and drill tray in place. Binder clips, chip clips, etc. can also be used to keep your diamond painting attached to your light pad. Clips & drawer liners available at Dollar Tree! 
  14. No spout on your drill tray? No problem, pick up a small funnel to transfer drills from your tray to storage container. Available at Dollar Tree! 
  15. It's normal for drills to pop off the canvas as more drills are placed down and squishing everything together. Fix this by using a wooden rolling pin to force drills back into place. Very helpful on finished pieces! If you're still having issues, try spraying a coat or two of Mod Podge Glossy, then gently buffering with a lens cloth. This acts as a "glue" to keep drills attached permanently. Buffing the diamond art brings back the dimensional sparkle that is lost with the Mod Podge
  16. Listen to your favorite audiobook while you diamond paint! Watching TV or movies isn't always practical when diamond painting, but listening to an audiobook is. For a limited time, get 4 free audiobooks with Audible and see if you love books on tape as much as I do! 
  17. Make your diamond art yours! Use leftover drills to sign your initials in the corner of the painting. 
  18. Something happen to the protective cover? Parchment paper works just as well! 
  19. Wrinkled canvas? Pull the protective cover back from the corner, about half way, using a ruler or bank card to smooth it out as you replace the cover. Repeat for each corner. OR just place the canvas under your mattress for a few nights
  20. Oily or stinky drills? Pick up a fine mesh strainer from Dollar Tree and gently wash your drills in it with warm soapy water. Let dry on some paper towels

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