What Is Diamond Painting? A Complete Guide To Diamond Painting

How Does Diamond Painting Work?

Simply put, you use a special pen to place multi-faceted rhinestone drills "diamonds" on to a sticky canvas that applies a cross-stitch/paint by number style grid over top of a photo/image. The result is a beautiful, sparkling mosaic "painting" that you can mount inside a picture frame. 


What is diamond painting?

Here is a quick rundown of the basic steps to painting with diamonds:

1.) Set up a space to work in. You'll need a hard surface and adequate lighting since the squares on the diamond painting canvas are quite small and hard to read. Most people find that using a light pad under the painting provides the best illumination for the symbols. 

2.) If you have purchased one of our diamond painting storage cases, follow step A below. If not, that's okay, just follow step B!
While it's not necessary to use a storage box, it makes diamond painting go much more smoothly and you lessen the risk of losing drills.

A) Open a diamond packet and pour into one of the slots in the storage box.
Take note of the numbers on the packet and write them either on the box itself or a sticker/tape and label the storage box accordingly. Repeat with every packet of drills.

B) Simply leave the packets as they are. Do not open them until you need them. Once you open a packet, use some scotch tape to seal it back up, or pour the leftover diamonds into a plastic Ziploc baggie and label it with the numbers that were on the bag.

3.) Don't lift the entire film off the diamond painting! This protects the sticky canvas. Decide where you want to start and grab some scissors. We recommend starting at a corner. Carefully lift up the sheet and cut a strip, leaving a flap so it can be "closed" again to protect the adhesive should you need to come back to your painting at another time. Use a piece of scotch tape to hold your "flap" in place and expose the adhesive area while you work.

4.) Now it's time to get started! Look at the exposed area and decide which symbol/color you would like to start with. Most people do not use different drills at the same time as it can be confusing if they are similar in color-- so stick to one color at first.

Once you have decided which symbol/color you want to work on, check the chart on the side of your diamond painting for the corresponding number. Find which drill has that number and pour a small amount into the diamond sorting tray-- give the tray a gentle shake to help flip over any drills so they are facet side up/flat side down.

Take your diamond grabbing pen and gently push it into the pink tack, then touch the pen onto a single drill (facet side up). Find the corresponding symbol and place the diamond. That's it! You've just placed your first diamond drill!

When the entire area has been filled with the different colored drills, snip off the "flap" and cut a new one to begin working a different area.



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Share Your Masterpiece!

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