Shipping Policy

Free shipping to the USA on all orders with international shipping starting at a flate rate of $5 USD

UPDATE Oct 26th 2020:
  Packages are moving more quickly than they have been, being delivered within 3-6 weeks.  We are keeping the notice below until shipping times return to their normal time frame of 2-4 weeks. 

Due to the global pandemic surrounding the COVID-19 virus, shipping and manufacturing services across the world have slowed down, creating a delay in how fast your package may arrive. Currently, most customers are receiving their package within 6  to 12 weeks.

Here is the timeline your package takes, including the delays due to COVID-19:
You order:
Within 24 hours ArtfulDiamonds places this order with their manufacturer
Order is manufactured:
Within 1-12 days of you placing an order, your diamond painting is manufactured. 
Order is shipped: Within 3 days of being manufactured, your order is shipped.
Package traveling: Your package will take 1-3 weeks in the international postal system before being put on an international flight bound for the USA.
Package arrives in the USA: Your package will spend 3-7 days getting from an international flight, to the USA customs port
USA customs clearance:
Your package spends 1-3 weeks going through customs to be cleared for import. Sometimes customs will open your package and then reseal it. 
USPS: Once your package has cleared customs and can be imported, it will be handed off to the next postal carrier. Usually it is handed off to USPS, but sometimes it will go to a third-party postal service, such as Pitney Bowes, who will bring it to USPS.
Once your package is in the hands of USPS, it will take 1-3 weeks for delivery. It's possible you will receive your package before your tracking info has updated.

Total time it will take for you to get your package: 6-12 weeks

Please see the link below to track your package but keep in mind that international tracking information is often delayed until it enters the postal system of your country (USPS, Australia Mail, etc.).
Tracking via

The virus can only survive hours to days on a variety of surfaces. Since our packages spend several weeks in transit, the chance is very minimal that the INSIDE of your package has live COVID-19 germs.

If you are concerned about contamination, we recommend placing your package in a "quarantine area" of your home for another week, taking care to wash your hands afterwards in case of active COVID-19 germs on the outside of the parcel.

USPS delay notice:
itney Bowes delay notice

If you receive an item that appears to have been damaged during shipping please take pictures of the outside and inside packaging that shows damage and send those photos to us at with your order number and any other information you have. We will do everything we can to make it right!

UPDATE: Due to a large amount of customers filing charge backs before the 12 week delivery time frame, we have suspended PayPal payments until shipping times improve.
We understand the concern you may have when your package doesn't arrive on time and we would like to assure you that we are not scamming you! Please contact us before placing a dispute with PayPal so that we can work to resolve the problem with you. We have had many customers file PayPal disputes without ever contacting us and this really hurts the company and our future ability to accept PayPal payments. So please, contact us first and we promise to work with you to resolve the problem. We love our customers and want to keep them happy---without you all, we wouldn't have a business, so thank you!

The shipping info below is from before the COVID pandemic and DOES NOT APPLY. When this normal time frame resumes, we will let you know! 

: 9-20 days
CAN: 16-20 days
UK & Ireland: 20-40 days
Australia: 13-20 days
Belgium: 20-35 days
Denmark: 20-35 days
Spain: 12-15 days
Netherlands: 12-15 days
Germany: 20-35 days
France: 14-17 days
Italy: 20-35 days
Romania: 28-51 days

These are the standard shipping times for the ePacket shipping method, which includes a tracking code. Although the times listed are long, many buyers have received their goods in as little as 7 days, with most averaging about 2 weeks